Cynthia Eley
Week of April 21-25th,
Reading:    We will reviewing all reading objectives for STAAR. 

                     READING STAAR TEST- WEDNESDAY
                ** Reading Calendars and books will be sent home on  Monday.  Each child will need to
                    read  20 minutes for 4 days  a week.   The calendar needs to be signed those 4 days, and
                     returned each Friday.  This is a weekly homework assignment.
 Math:        We will be reviewing all math objectives.  

                   MATH STAAR TEST- TUESDAY

                    I minute multiplication quizzes are every day. Please memorize your                    
                    multiplication facts!

Language:       We will be working on STAAR Reading objectives
Spelling:      Spelling words-  NO SPELLING TEST THIS WEEK 
                     (List  will go home on Monday.  Test  will be on  Thursday.  Retest will be on Friday.. I                           will take  the best of the 2 tests.)

Science:      No Science this week                                    
Social Studies:  No Social Studies this week.
Thanks so much for reading this web page.  If  your child tells me the magic
word for this week  --they will receive a homework pass.
     The magic word for the week of April 21st

                                       Watch us shine!!!!!